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Amarasinghe, S.L., Ritchie, M.E., & Gouil, Q.
long-read-tools.org: an interactive catalogue of analysis methods for long-read sequencing data (2021).

Amarasinghe, S.L., Su, S., Dong, X., Zappia, L., Ritchie, M.E., & Gouil, Q.
Opportunities and challenges in long-read sequencing data analysis.
Genome Biology 21, 30 (2020).


LONG-READ-TOOLS is a catalogue of downstream analysis tools of real and synthetic long-read technologies. The aim of this database is to provide researchers worldwide a gateway to access exisiting tools to use in their long-read based research. LONG-READ-TOOLS is developed by the Ritchie Lab in Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia. Our lab mainly focuses on bioinformatics, genomics, statistics and software development. Long-read-tools.org was developed as an aid for analysis of long-read sequencing data by researchers worldwide.
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